Economy of Ukraine
Published since September 1958

1. The Ukrainian economy during the military aggression of the Russian Federation and in the period of post-war recovery

2. Accession of Ukraine to the European Union: economic aspect

3. Problems of economic theory

4. Economic security and its components

5. Management of the economy and its institutional support

6. Economic modeling and forecasting

7. Spatial development and decentralization of management

8. Economic policy and development strategy

9. Finances. Taxes. Investments

10. The economy of the agri-food sector and the development of rural areas

11. Sustainable and inclusive development, economics of environmental management, and “green transition”

12. Market, forecast and conjuncture

13. Corporate governance and management in the economy

14. Digital transformation, information and sharing economy
15. Technological changes, innovative development and knowledge economy
16. Foreign experience in managing economic processes
17. Economy of foreign countries
18. World economic ties: development trends
19. Social transformations and the social sphere, demography and labor economics
20. History of economic thought and theoretical paradigms of the development of the economy of Ukraine
21. Legal regulation of the development of the economy of Ukraine
22. Economic education and development of human capital
23. Scientific discussions
24. Critique and bibliography
25. Scientific life