Economy of Ukraine
Published since September 1958

The journal “Economy of Ukraine” was founded in 1958 (from then until December 1991, at the time Ukraine gained independence, it was called “Economy of Soviet Ukraine”). Over the entire period of its existence, more than 60 years, the journal has been and remains the leading edition publishing highly qualified scientific materials from all spheres of economic science. The authors of the journal are well-known domestic scientists and economists, beginner scientists and researchers, and well-known foreign scientists and experts in the field of economics. At different times, the chief editors of the journal were academician of the NAS of Ukraine Ivan Lukinov and academician of the NAS of Ukraine Sergii Pyrozhkov.
Since 2007, the Editor-in Chief of the journal is Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Valeriy Heyets.
The Editorial Board of the journal is represented by well-known economists. It is comprised of 10 academicians, 8 correspondent members, and 4 foreign members representing Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia and China.